Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Weekend in DC

Just in case you were wondering where we were (and you were, weren't you?) we flew to Washington for the two remaining First Communions of the year. They were scheduled thirty minutes and forty miles apart, not unlike a situation we had two years ago. Lucy came too, on a plane that got in fifty minutes after ours, thankfully at the same airport. I was going to take part in Frederick's ceremony in Woodbridge, VA: Ernie was to join Theodore in Rockville, MD and we were all scheduled to meet up at Andrew and Marcie's in Rockville for a party. There was a lot more car borrowing and being in the right place at the right time involved. Logistics! I'm a glass half empty person and was terrified it would all go wrong, like a Logic problem on the GRE where there's an error at step one.

But it went off perfectly and we had a wonderful time. Here's Theodore (l), and Frederick (r) shortly before they were allowed to take off their suits and enjoy themselves. There are more photographs of the weekend here. I seem to be getting back into the habit of recording events visually.

There was an additional joy to the weekend. Theodore's little sister, whose white knuckle first year of life was recorded in Veronica's Journey, was all smiles and getting ready to crawl. Veronica, I hope we will be able to join you seven years from now at the same celebration.

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