Sunday, June 26, 2016

Alea Jacta Est

I have started several posts in the last two weeks. I have made lists of people to write to and to e-mail, but never actually written. My garden is totally neglected. The laundry is pretty much up to date, but nothing is ironed. I have ignored phone calls.

Let me just address the why. I have written before about the condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have had it for several years and of late I have had too many flare ups for my comfort. My neurologist had never been in favor of surgery, and when he did send me to a neurosurgeon the latter announced I was "too old". When I spent a couple of days in hospital a month or so ago, I woke from a nap to find a man sitting on my bed. He had ridden on his bike from his nearby home to talk to me. Long story short, he was a neurosurgeon newly arrived in the area. He had worked with Peter Janetta who had pioneered Microvascular Decompression surgery, which is now widely used throughout the country. If you are really interested, you can look it up. After numerous tests I am considered a viable candidate (this man has operated on a 94 year old woman) and I will have the surgery this week. I have no idea what the recovery will be like for me, but I am hoping I can make up my un-done tasks. Well, maybe not the gardening.

In the meantime, the die is cast.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two Down, Twenty to Go

The first two grandchildren have graduated: distinguished young men, off to college to be shining examples to the world. How distinguished they look! The gravitas!

Whoops—wrong photo. How about this? Manny with some friends and Patrick with Ron and Kate. The time has gone by so fast and soon there will be more. I can't help wondering how many more graduations I will get to see. I don't think that's melodramatic. Just practical.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Always One Step Behind

Just when I think I have got this Internet thing under control, Marcie comes up with this timehop creation. Now I will spend days trying to figure how to do it for myself.

It does, however give me a cute photo to post on this recognition of Sebastian's ninth birthday. I can't believe you look so old, Sebastian. What a pose. We can't wait to see you in Ohio in August—and if you look like that we will have to keep all the girls at the Lodge away from you! Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Be Prepared

He was born during the great depression: I was born three months into WWII. So we were both familiar with the concept of being ready for a shortage—or hoarding, which ever way you look at it. But flat anchovies! That's what you get when you tidy/organize/clean out your pantry. I have been getting help lately with my grocery shopping, so I will have to mount a major TSAtype screening procedure when we leave the store.

It wasn't me!