Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And now with Today's Business News . . .

Here I am again with my periodic supermarket report. In the past week or two I dealt with gooey, calorie-laden “salads”, and in the past I have noted the increasing varieties of canned tomatoes and Head and Shoulders shampoo. I am sure you could come up with more.

A quick trip to the grocery store right before Memorial Day yielded two strange products. Or rather, one strange product and one time-honored product with a rather bizarre advertising slogan.

Here's “apple
sauce on the go”. This is a rather blurred photo taken on my phone, but you can probably make out that what we have here is applesauce in squeezable pouches. I could forgive this —perhaps—if the product was on display with the baby food (though there are perfectly good little tubs of applesauce sold for people who do not want to open a big jar and let it go moldy, even in the fridge.) I’m just not sure what this product is for. Food fights in Junior High? Eating while driving?

Next we have cartons of Miller High Life beer. I admit that if you can read the small print, you will learn that 10¢ per tab or cap will be donated to help returning veterans, but to me the larger print seems to convey an unpleasant message—“you have fought for freedom, now come back and drink beer.”

I suppose this all goes to show I would be hopeless at marketing and branding and advertising. But I do purchase products and I am not tempted by these two.


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