Sunday, May 27, 2018

Lucy in Real Time

I’m caught up with forgotten birthdays just in time to observe a birthday which falls today.

Happy Birthday, Lucy. I took this photo at her daughter's second birthday. She looks pretty chipper for someone who also has a month old baby and a son five months short of three. After living for a while in France and working for a decade in Washington she came home and ended up living five miles away from where she grew up. She has never been happier. It took her earlier adventures to help her realize where she really belonged, and the children and Peter and Blake were what she had been looking for all along.

We’ll celebrate with a combined Memorial Day/visit from a favorite cousin/birthday party. The photo above is the “everyday” Lucy, who cooks, cleans, gardens and effortlessly visits the grocery store with three kids in a cart. Then there is the artistic Lucy, who tackles creative challenges, writes and graces the stage. We love them both.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sorry, Gigi; Sorry, Frederick

I was doing pretty well at the “post about family birth days on the day” resolution, but as with so many things I messed up once which gave me, with my twisted logic, good reason to mess up a second time. If there were a bunch of birthdays in early May I would have continued my sloppy ways, but I have a little time to make amends before I have to write about the Royal Wedding. Or at least about Marmite.

The first birthday I missed was little Gladys Grace who turned two on April 25. I suspect I was thinking ahead to the party on the 28th. In the end, she got left out altogether. She didn’t eat all this cake, but she looks like she is doing her best. She’s a great kid, but some how I couldn’t imagine her as a bridesmaid at a Royal Wedding (see the theme here, in case I don’t get round to that auspicious occasion?). If it ever gets sunny here, she and I are going to have fun in the splash pad.

The serious side of Frederick

Then there is Frederick, who became fourteen on April 30. I have countless photos of him kicking a soccer ball, and now he has switched to basketball and the photos of him and his team winning tournaments are adding up. But I love this photo of him on his Confirmation, taken just a few weeks ago. Gigi is too young to realize she got left out of the birthday roster, while you, Frederick are old enough to realize, and hopefully to understand.

Love you both.