Monday, September 26, 2016

The Birthday Boys

Before I go back to catch up on what happened in the last month or so, let me take a moment to acknowledge two grandsons with birthdays today. (Notice I said “a moment”? I thought I could just click on my Blogger dashboard and carry on from there. BUT while I was gone something changed and I was sucked into a Google vortex. I got back, I think, and if I have trouble with photos, this new lap top is going out the window.)

Fifteen years ago Ernie was in Chicago where his sister was having surgery and I got the news that Liz was in labor (it was touch and go, because both she and Kate were due within five days.) I so clearly remember Benjamin's birth and walking down the hospital corridor, trying to get ahold of the lucky grandfather who was at Rush Memorial hoping for my call. And here is Ben on his first day of high school—not as bad he had expected. His high school campus contains three separate but linked high schools and it is enormous. Ben says he has got lost once in a while, but things are getting better!

Thirteen years later Peter and Lucy’s son Joe chose the same day to be born.

Joe has just started taking swimming lessons and is thoroughly enjoying the experience. He has a ways to go to catch up with his Maryland cousins, but it’s a start!

There, I did it. Watch this space.