Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Iceman Cometh . . .

. . . and he seems to have gone away again, but not before doing some selective damage.

You may notice I have changed my header from spring plants to exuberantly blooming hydrangeas. The bush is in my back yard and the photo was taken a couple of years ago. Here's the same bush today. The leaf spray on the right looks so green and healthy—they all looked that way before the frost hit last week and killed a number of the upper branches. It completely destroyed a smaller bush and left three untouched.

My instinct was to cut off the unsightly leaves and tidy everything up, but the nursery told me to leave the bush alone and let nature take its course. I've kept my hands off it so far.  I need to learn I'm not in charge of the universe.

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Maggie May said...

I love your new header.
I have heard that you shouldn't chop off the heads of hydrangeas. The new shoots are very vulnerable to frost. I will have to look up the exact thing to do.
Maggie X

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