Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?

When I was a little girl and wanted to be rude, crude, disgusting and vulgar—pretty much like every eight year-old—I would run around singing,

”O dear, what can the matter be?
Two old ladies locked in a lavatory
They’ve been there from Monday to Saturday . . . “
As I was writing this I thought I would check on the last line and found all kinds of variations as to how long they were there and how many old ladies there were. I even came across a video with clay characters and seven old ladies, each with her own name and bio.

So why am I fixated on that song again? It has been running around in my head ever since I saw the photos from my nephew Steven in England. He and his brother-in-law were trapped in a lift (that’s elevator in the USA) for three and a half hours while they were at a wedding reception. Thanks to the miracle of a cell phone camera, they could capture their own escape.


candyschultz said...

The way we sang it was 'seven old ladies'

Ron said...

The first one to go there was old Mrs. Humphrey
She sat on the toilet and found it quite comfy
But when she was done she could not get her rump free
And nobody knew she was there.

That's all I know.
I taught my kids.