Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dear Palmer Heenan

You’re my mayor, and all, and you have my best interests at heart. In the recent Park Communicator you described the new housing lifestyle you are initiating for Grosse Pointe Park: “Brownstone houses of the style that characterize neighborhoods of old Boston.” I like that Boston reference. Classy. Sort of Harvard Square meets Ted Kennedy.

Like many other long-time residents of the Park, I am saddened by the lack of suitable housing for the older generation. Much as I would like one of those splendid new condos on the lake by the War Memorial, there's nothing under a million, so we all know that's not going to happen. No, I would prefer to stay in the Park, so I was excited by your announcement. But wait—there’s more. You are obviously aware of the parking problems in the streets where you intend to build, so your plans call for homes “in the townhouse style with two-car garages on the first floor.” But that gives us three, count ‘em, three floors. You therefore describe this housing as "suitable for young people, single buyers and retirees who don’t mind steps.”

Retirees who don’t mind steps is an oxymoron waiting to happen. Once again, I am saddened. Why can no one ask us what we want?

On the positive side, there may be an answer to the problem—I can outsource myself. I’ll take having flowers braided in my hair over climbing all those stairs any day.

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