Friday, October 25, 2013

They're Baaaack

I thought I had written about these fabrics last year—or maybe the year before. I do know that I found them in Joann Fabrics when I went to check out their Christmas offerings, but I have come to the conclusion I must have posted them on Facebook. As you can see, they feature that traditional Christmas icon—the Christmas pig. Nothing says Christmas like a pig, tastefully interspersed with skinny pine trees. I cannot imagine what anyone did with this fabric, or what the buyer was even thinking of.

So guess what he/she decided to include in this year's offerings.

They have added more traditional woodland denizens, a beaver, an owl and a deer. That's more like it, though I don't think the deer is feeling much love, comfort and joy during the hunting season. Most importantly, this fabric is not cotton, but snuggly flannel, and since I have a tendency to turn flannel into night dresses, I am tempted to make a man-sized one for my new son-in-law who is a hunter.

I think he would prefer a Santa Claus, or a creche.

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