Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Very Special Person

Here is our lovely, smart and ambitious daughter-in-law Godelive. Gody met our son in Rwanda when they were both doing relief work and she came to this country fourteen years ago, speaking three languages perfectly. None of them was English. She set about learning a new language and began working as a nursing aide, even though she was a degreed nurse in Italy. In fact she had earned a Master's degree in Belgium. Eventually she became an RN, all while raising four lovely sons, and this weekend she was awarded her BSN. She has had to make the horrendous trip around the Beltway to get to Providence Hospital and they have appreciated her nursing skills by recognizing her as one of their outstanding staff members.

We are so grateful to Marco and Patrizia Tan-gheroni who gave Gody (and later her sister Yvonne) a home in Pisa and who arranged for a family to assist their sister Apauline. They can be so proud of her dignity and her courage. We certainly are.  We love you, Gody.

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