Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Two of my grandchildren are obsessed with ducks—especially for pajamas and robes. Ducks seem to be a traditional design for these garments, but for baby/toddler apparel, and the grandchildren in question are seven and eight. That's where Grandma and her trusty sewing machine come in handy. I was looking in my snuggly flannel scrap box, when I found (together with remnants of flannel decorated with soccer balls and dogs and cats and racing cars) these three scraps. I could swear I took photos of the completed garments, but I can't find them, so for now this is all I have to remind me.

Here's a sort of bathtub duckie which I made into a nightdress for Caroline
Don't you love this strutting Superman duckie—pjs for Linus?

Lastly there was a robe for Linus, with somewhat inebriated ducks, some of which appear to have measles.

 So what's my problem? I have made several trips to JoAnns and can find no flannel with ducks for this year's nightdresses/pjs. Not a single bolt. I hope something new will come in, otherwise the era of duckies may be over.

Sorry for chopped off text in last paragraph. I know what caused it—don't dare fix it.

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Maggie May said...

Love the flannel bits! I love ducks too. Once 5 flew into my garden, sat under a tree and then all flew off again. Have never seen them since and there are no ponds here.
Maggie X

Nuts in May