Thursday, July 05, 2012

Yesterday was the Fourth of July

And the least said about it the better. My brain melted in the late afternoon as we sat around the the swimming pool at our daughter's park, cowering into the last bit of shade. One of the things which makes me feel a "foreigner" in England is the use of Celsius, so some of you may need to go here.

We went back to her house for dinner, which is just as well as there was an evening monsoon. There was another one this morning and our garden is flattened. I just ran an errand and there were downed trees and non-working traffic lights. Nothing like the phenomenon encountered by my son in Maryland. He now has his power restored and can go back to the school where he teaches to retrieve the freezer-full of breast milk he deposited in the middle of the night when they first lost power.

By the way, notice the temp predicted for tomorrow?


Z said...

Well, today's weather depends on whether you look at F or C - something gone wrong with the conversion there! 59ยบ here today and there's proper, steady English rain.

Iota said...

I've just written a post about the weather too. and I much prefer Fahrenheit to Centigrade. Always found the weather easier to understand in C than F. The bandwidth seems so narrow in C.