Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Question of Semantics

I am not a proponent of bottled water, but I always keep some around the house. Yesterday the temperature was up to 97° again and I was off to the doctor's office, so I grabbed a bottle just in case . . . well just in case.

Here's what the label proclaimed (and you can read it easily if you click on the photo):
Source: deep protected well, Breingville, PA and/or public water supply, Allentown, PA.

Public water supply? That means the stuff that flows from the faucets, right? I mean the stuff we get free, as long as we pay the water bill. Is Nestlé really charging us for tap water?

I suppose that is legit as long as they tell us. And they tell us in Spanish too on the other side of the bottle.

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Iota said...

I'm guessing they take a very small amount from the deep water supply, and then top it up with a very large amount from the tap. At least the labelling regulations make them have to 'fess up.