Sunday, January 05, 2014


And what am I waiting for? Well, this just about explains it. We can't say we weren't warned: weather forecasters were talking about the coming snowstorm since Friday. My daughter was waiting in line at the grocery store for two hours. I didn't make an expedition to pillage food stores. I figured we could make do with what we had, especially since there were all kinds of leftovers from New Year's Day. Bean and ham soup, anybody? It was strange because yesterday (Saturday) there was no snow, but we woke this morning to a snowy world. The other inhabitant of this house was upset that there was no newspaper, but in fact it was on the step, invisible since the storm door was frozen shut and had to be liberated by my hair dryer. We made it out to church, then came home and started waiting for the full impact of the snow, including the promised snow thunder. Apparently, once the snow stops (or exits the area as I saw on one news report) there will be incredible cold to take its place.

Snow is still coming down steadily and I am following reports of school districts closing via posts on Facebook. Watching the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco play football was unbelievable—5 degrees with a wind chill factor of -10. In a few minutes I'll be watching Downton Abbey, but tomorrow it will be back to the books. Let's see, what to I have? When we were up north I borrowed a book from our friend Steve. I started it one morning because it looked interesting, and I brought it back to finish (but forgot I had it.) It is Surface at the Pole, the extraordinary voyages of the USS Skate. What is extraordinary is that Steve's brother was one of the sailors aboard the submarine as it journeyed under the Polar Ice. Then last week my son-in-law lent me The Lost Men, the harrowing saga of Shackleton's Ross Sea party. See a theme here? Perhaps a trip to the small theatre at the end of the street? Guess what's playing—Frozen.

We will see what tomorrow brings. And never underestimate the worth of a gracious and generous neighbor with a snowblower.

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