Sunday, January 26, 2014

How long, O Lord?

As predicted, the National Weather Service has placed all of SE lower Michigan under a Wind Chill Watch from tomorrow afternoon through Wednesday. Wind chills as low as -40F will be possible. Most other areas of the state will be placed under a watch/warning this evening. As always, we'll have the latest updates

What more is there to say? My daughter posted the warning above on Facebook with the injunction that people, namely her father and I, should stay indoors. You'd better believe it. I could use a run to the grocery store, but I can hold out for a few days. Everyone loves potato soup, right? I hate to think of the little kids on their way to school, so I am hoping the schools will be closed.

There is certainly plenty to keep me busy. Lots of letters to write and if at one time I felt guilty for sending so much mail via e-mail, I no longer feel that way as I am to be faced with a 3 cent "temporary" raise in the cost of first class postage. So every letter I can send on-line, I will. Christmas letters deserve a reply more gracious than the news I sent in our Christmas letter and all of a sudden the Department of Classics at Bedford College, London, Class of 1962 has taken to the keyboard en masse. Most enjoyable.

I had made it to the library last week so I have plenty of books and I can download books from the library via iPad. So reading is covered. I do want in passing to thank UPS for their prompt re-sending of this book which I mentioned in my entry of December 30. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Michael Ventris announced he had solved the mystery of Linear B about the same time Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest and Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne. Bumper year, that. I had read John Chadwick's book The Decipherment of Linear B, but it was heavy going. Margalit Fox's book was much easier to read and she paid more attention to the work of Alice Kober. If only Ventris and Kober could have sent their notes and suggestions flying back and forth across the Atlantic via e-mail with the speed that I am now corresponding with my college friends, think how much they could have achieved. Her book also introduced me to the film AVery English Genius. There are seven parts on YouTube, made even more enjoyable by the fact that the beginning sounds for all the world like the introduction to Downton Abbey.

My other pastime will be jigsaw puzzles. There is a first class series of puzzles by a firm called Cobble Hill, and I have done a number of them. I have just begun this one entitled "Country Schoolhouse." There are 1,000 pieces and despite the appearances here, all the pieces seem to be in various shades of brown. I have not yet conquered the outside: we seem to have chestnut brown, dark brown, medium brown, beige and countless more shades. I will see what I can do with the windows.

Just seen a remark on Facebook from a niece about the wind in Chicago. It will come this way.

Potato soup is most nutritious and I have a lot of potatoes.

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