Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Selfie for Me.

I posted on my Facebook page a link to this year's list of banished words as voted by Lake Superior State University. For a little background on the university, see last year's post. You will note that I said I would follow their instructions to suggest a new entry. I did, but they didn't take me up on it. C'est la vie. (Although it is not germane* to what I am writing about here, I will add that my daughter pointed out a more inspirational page from Wayne State. I am happy to say that seven of the words are part of my vocabulary, and I will make an attempt to incorporate more. But seriously, eldritch?)

But I digress.* I eschew* selfie, both the word and the noun. I am never going to take a photo of myself, and from now on I don't want any one else to do so. You will, perhaps, remember the post where I mentioned that my hair was getting oddly curly on one side. Well, now it is doing it on the other side and the back is getting kind of fluffy. There is a scene in Little Women where Meg is at some kind of soiree* where she has to stand with her back to the wall because she has made a disfiguring mark on her dress. Perhaps she was using the goffering iron.* I went to a party last week and did my best to stand with the back of my head out of sight because in spite of a liberal application of water and gel, my hair was as fluffy as a baby duck.

I intend to make my suggestion to Lake Superior State of a word to include on next year's list.  I am sure they will ignore me again, but you can check next January. The word is "basics"—that place that every football player in the league promises to get back to after an embarrassingly bad game.

* Words to use if you want to impress people. They belong on some list or other.

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