Friday, April 19, 2013

It Happened Again, Sort of.

I have already written about the painful condition from which I suffer. If I mention it again, it is not because I want sympathy, but, I repeat, in case someone you know ever gets the symptoms and  has trouble getting a diagnosis. It happens,

Shortly before the wedding I got some pain, and since I was at my family doctor, he simply upped my dose of Tegretol, even though I was pretty sure it was not the electric pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I sailed through the wedding and the last couple of months. I had a routine visit with the neurologist, told her about it and said it seemed to be getting better. She handed me off to the dentist, who could see no problem. Now I do have a problem which involves eating and talking. If I do not open my mouth, I am fine. I sat by the fire all weekend. Great unless my meals consisted of things I could drink. Occasional comments were fine, but for the most part it hurt it hurt too much.

When I wrote about the kind of blog that repels me, I forgot to mention anything which mentions “rant.” I feel myself launching into one. My neurologist (I ditched Boris and got a highly recommended doctor, remember him?) has a large sign just inside the door which proclaims that the purpose of the practice is to deal with pain. But a phone call to the office never connects with a human being. My husband called to make an appointment with the neurologist and was told the first opening is in May! And when I do go, I will probably meet with a Physician’s Assistant. Nice women but as Ernie says, “Dr. V*** is not unlike the Wizard of Oz.” Without meeting with me he prescribed a painkiller, but the insurance won’t pay without the right paperwork, which the office failed to supply. If they are so concerned with pain, they must prescribe it all the time. I finally fought my way through their switchboard and my pharmacy is also trying to sort this one out, but —O.K. rant ended.

As I was in the middle of this, I got a call from a friend. His father-in-law has developed this condition and he needs advice. So it isn’t rare. Be on the look-out for it.


Z said...

That sounds horrible and I've never heard of it before. You're entitled to rant and you deserve all the sympathy in the world.

There have been occasions when a blog I have read turns into one about illness, upon the diagnosis of a serious medical condition. In that case, the writer has become a friend and I continue to read it. But I don't search them out. I certainly wouldn't want a blog friend not to write about illness though and would stay with them through bad times as well as good. I do hope you'll feel better soon and can eat and speak normally.

Maggie May said...

There's nothing worse than continuing pain, no matter what causes it. I also have been left with anything from low grade pain to much worse at times and terrible stiffness of the lower back. I have come off painkillers for now because I don't like the side affects. Sooner or later though, I shall be driven back to them.
I hope you manage to get yours under better control.
Maggie x

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