Saturday, March 02, 2013

The A-list

I have been realizing of late that I need to tidy up some functions on my blog, adding, deleting and bringing up to date. I also wanted to say a thing or two about blogs in general.

And I still will. The timing seems perfect, because I have more reason than before to make some decisions. I have written several times about Ronni Bennett. I admire her blog enormously. Some of it is aimed solely at an American audience, some, it can be argued applies only to women, and it is written entirely with an older audience in mind. That said, never think that blogs written by older American women are not worth reading by any audience.

She has just taken a few days off researching and writing to bring up to date her list of selected blogs by people fifty or older.  As she says, "Check out some of them; you will be glad you did." Use dicretion: they are utterly diverse—as blogs should be. I was originally on the list, but I was dropped when there was a hiatus in my blog and one of her criteria is that the blogger should post at least once a week. I don't think she checks much, but a break of over a year became apparent last time she revised her list. She has just spent time bringing her list up to date, and I am glad that I am back. It is a much longer list than before, so you have all kinds of choices. You can use the link indicated above, or click on the red badge in the right hand column of my blog.


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Maggie May said...

I will have to go over there as I have something in common straight away! I'm over 50!
Maggie x

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