Monday, February 25, 2013

This was the Weekend . . .

. . .  when I became totally convinced that the law is an ass. As is often the case, I checked the quotation about asininity, and Google sent me straight here to an article about coverture. Coverture! Honestly, try it. Thank you, Charles Dickens, nothing could have been more apt or gut-wrenching considering the law-suit which had been sucking the time and emotion from our family for the last eight months. The verdict was handed down on Friday and was to us and to countless others unbelievable. I can't give any details because it concerns so many other people. It isn't over yet. Over the course of the litigation I have learned something about the law, about stays and appeals and other moves which may yet come into play. The only thing I have learned for sure is that lawyers charge more per hour than many people make in a week.

This was the weekend . . . when we discovered first hand how news goes viral. Within two hours of the verdict it was on the news website of a distinguished paper in the midwestern state where the Supreme Court had made it's decision known—yes, we're dealing with a Supreme Court here, none of those lower courts or appellate courts or whatever. Again, a trip to Google could follow the reports across the mid-west, both newspapers and radio stations. Don't try, our name isn't the hook. And unfortunately, public ridicule doesn't change what happened.

This was the weekend . . . when it snowed way too much and I'm such a chicken that I cancelled a haircut and a lunch date, the Oscars reached an all-time low and when I lost all the contact information on my iPhone.

This was the weekend . . . when two of our older grandsons had dinner with us, stayed and spent the night. What a joy it was to talk to them. We see them frequently, but usually in the midst of hub-bub and activity. This was an opportunity to talk to them, hear about school and their plans. After breakfast we went to church. I handed them over to their parents and then my youngest daughter and her  husband came home to pick up some of their wedding presents and eat breakfast. Just like the old days and a wonderful confirmation that families do not have to thrive on altercation.

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