Friday, December 07, 2012

Sign of the Times, Part I.

I was making coffee yesterday morning when phone rang. It was Lucy's fiancé calling from work. He had left his Blackberry at home and was without information for his contacts. He didn't know Lucy's phone number! I understand, of course. I couldn't tell you the phone number of most of my children, or their addresses. Strangely though, I can tell you that when we first had a phone installed when I was a child, my number was Waltham Cross 24645. That is over sixty years ago. I told Peter and he agreed there were a few numbers that came to his mind, but not that of the girl he has been calling habitually for over three years.

I remember cleaning out a drawer many, many, years ago and throwing out an old address book because I would never again need to contact the people whose names appeared between those red covers. Of course I didn't, but I think a few memories would have been awakened by those bygone names, addresses and phone numbers.


Z said...

I know my mobile phone number but no one else's, though I'd recognise my husband's because I know the first two and the last four digits. But I only ever make calls from my phone, so just go from the contact list and don't even tap in the number.

Maggie May said...

I sometimes come across an old address book & still have one of my mother's. It is interesting (but probably time wasting) to go through them and reminisce about the people who have been crossed out. They would most of them be deceased now but memories linger on.
Maggie x

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