Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ya Gotta Love the Pointes

Thursday today and the mail brought the local paper. The usual stuff: water rates, expanding the library, notes from the school board. I turned to the Public Safety Reports. You may remember I quoted from this section some time ago because I found the reporter’s vocabulary so funny. You should know that the Pointes are made up of five different communities and Grosse Pointe “crime” is itemized by community. We live in the Park, which is a pretty nice place to live, though it isn’t as fancy as some of the other cities, and our crime is pretty basic—a bike-jacking, a “home invasion” resulting in theft, a gas grill removed from a yard in the wee small hours, and the attempted theft of a 2005 Dodge Caravan from the 800 block of . . . hold it, that’s our block. Don’t worry, the thieves were thwarted: the car didn’t start.

We move on to the more esoteric crimes reported in the rarified air of the Shores. Three of them:

  • . . . officers were unable to confirm an unknown caller’s report of five coyote puppies playing on a front lawn. . .

  • . . . officers investigating reports of a smoking street light discovered the fixture’s cover had come off. Fish flies were being zapped by the light, which caused a little bit of smoke. . .

  • . . . two officers investigated a complaint of four turkeys running around the yard of a residence. Officers herded the birds back to a neighbor’s pen. Police said the complainant “does not mind the birds as long as they stay in their pen”.

Never a dull moment.


candyschultz said...

Ah but there are coyotes around here for some strange reason so they could have cubs.

Rinkly Rimes said...

From Rinkly Rimes
At last I've found the time to comment on the commenters!
Incidentally, from the way that you explain the pronunciation of your name and from the place where you live I gather it's Ayment. But I can't help saying Ahment!!!! Much posher!

I want to hark back to one of your very old Blogs, the one about Richard Burton. The sepia photograph on the book sleeve was, indeed, nostalgic, and may bring on a poem any day now!!
Brenda Bryant