Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time Out

In a few minutes this whole computer set-up will be unplugged. We are having the computer room floors re-finished, the ceiling fixed, the walls and woodwork painted and the whole place spiffed up. From time to time I hope to be able to get to the library or borrow an Internet connection. That will work for e-mail, but isn't an ideal solution for posting to a blog.

Then comes the problem of plugging it all in again (including two printers, a scanner, a Picturemate and a Dymo.) I may have to send my brother a transatlantic plane ticket.

Hope to be back soon.


Ann said...

I hope you are back soon, too. Good luck, but the changes, though chaotic, also sound lovely.

sharryb said...

I can imagine how you feel. I so want to get the floors refinished in my "office", but I just can't face taking down the whole computer set-up and putting it up again. This office is also where I keep all my clothes, adding to my reasons for putting it off each year.

46er Family said...

Ok Beryl. Enough vacation. Time to come back to your loyal audience. :-) Bridget