Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jury Rigged

Or is it jerry-built? Jerry-rigged? Whatever. The important point is—I am back on line. The computer room isn’t finished, though the new ceiling is up and all the plaster has been repaired. The ceiling and three of the walls were primed today. Ernie had the brilliant idea of buying a 50ft cable, which extends from the Comcast feed in the computer room, is festooned across the landing, and finishes up in the bedroom which is the temporary home of the computer, printers etc. Why did it take us so long to arrive at this solution? In part because we went to Washington, where we joined in Halloween festivities at Theodore’s pre-school and Liesl’s school and celebrated Emmanuel’s tenth birthday. He’s the first of our grandchildren to reach double digits. Back in Detroit, Evelyn had a birthday too. I hope to expand on and illustrate these milestones later, but the gods of technology who were powerless to stop our flawless reconnection of the computer cables and our final victory over incompetent refrigerator repairmen finally zapped my camera.

It rained solidly from the mountains of Pennsylvania to Rockville and for the entire time we spent with Andrew and Marcie, but nothing could dampen our enthusiasm for being with them and enjoying the great meals coming from their new kitchen. I hadn’t seen Sebastian since he was born and it was delightful to have a baby to hold again. Our time with Al and Gody included trips to two delightful towns we had never visited, Fredericksburg and Occaquan. Once again we had the chance to get up close and personal with a “lesser-known” grandchild. Nathaniel is adorable and soon got friendly.

Now we are back and gearing up for Thanksgiving. I spent a little time catching up with some of my favorite on-line writers. Many are participating in NaBloPoMo and undertaking to write an entry every day for the month of November. I find the site a lot less user friendly than last year’s Holidailies, but I am hoping to find a new writer to add to my blogroll.

I am off to wrestle with the camera and leave you with a list of activities you may wish to avoid if you are visiting England and do not want to run afoul of the law. Now the bit about mince pies . . .

I was asked if I could notify readers when there is a new entry. Blogger doesn’t have a mechanism, but I can set up an e-mail list. I think I tried this before, but since there was only one name on the list, I soon gave up. If anyone is interested in being notified, please send me your e-mail address. Anyone?

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don corbin said...

Its jury rigged if it is a good fix. Jerry rigged if it implies shoddy workmanship.