Sunday, October 07, 2007

Theodore is Four

It seems like only yesterday I was on my way to DC to take care of Liesl while Theodore was born. What a difference four years makes! Here he is on his first day of pre-school looking pleased as punch. There will be a party for him today, together with his brother Linus, who will be two in a few days, but when I heard from Marcie last night, she was afraid Theodore was coming down with an ear infection. He's an adorable kid and I am working hard to make sure that the Peter Pan costume he requested for Halloween lives up to his specifications (tho' the hat looks like it is meant to be balanced as carefully on the head as any book in a runway walking competition.)

Happy Birthday, Boots.

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Aenodia said...

I saw your question on Time Goes By about how to get the Elder Badge on your blog site. On a Mac use Ctrl + Click and you will see a pop up menu that will let you follow Ronni's instruction to add the badge to your blog.
Thanks to your question as I tried out Ctrl clicking with my Mac and the badge is now on my user profile on my Live Journal.
Nice picture of the proud pre-schooler.
I have a sister who is an "alien" in England. She went to grad school in London and liked it so well that they moved to England.