Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weekend on the Bruce Peninsula

Remember me saying I wanted a back yard privy? Well, I found one. A visit to Keppel Croft gardens was one of many lovely experiences of the weekend we spent in Ontario and that’s where we found this beauty.

We had been invited to spend time with our friends Vic and Peggy at their cottage on Mountain Lake on the Bruce peninsula and we drove up on Saturday morning with Pete and Cindy for two days of the food, drink, conversation and general hilarity that are the hallmark of a get-together with these delightful people. More narrative and photos can be found here.

The flowers and the whimsical statuary are easy to capture on film, but some of the other features are harder to show. It was only last October that we were at Stonehenge, so we were fascinated to compare it to Keppel Henge, created as a millennium project. This part of the gardens is also the site of the fascinating analemmatic sundial , which assured us that the time really was 4:30. And look at this photo, created by the same astrophotographer.

How did we get from outhouses to the heavens in three paragraphs?

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Ann said...

You have to use LOTS of lime to keep outhouses usable for more than 2 people. But it can be done. I've been there.