Friday, September 28, 2007

Autumn Garden

I grew up calling these lovely flowers Michaelmas daisies. I knew they were also called asters, which tends to be the name they are known under in the States. The word “Michaelmas” conjures up pictures of cold mediaeval churches and a way of life defined by the Saint’s days and the church calendar. Let’s not forget the Inns of Court, where the legal year is divided into four terms: Michaelmas, Hilary (now that’s a thought), Easter and Trinity.

Aren’t they lovely? I think that is Professor Kippenburg in the middle. For me the words Michaelmas daisy and “bronze chrysanthemums” sum up autumn.

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Knowleypowley said...


For me, michaelmas daisies always remind me of infants school, way back in 1968. I'm not sure why this is, perhaps there was some special day we had to celebrate. Anyway, one of my favourites. Thanks for sharing