Friday, February 09, 2007

Unabashedly Plagiarized

I always welcome Friday as the day I can read what John Copeland has been up to in the past week. His weekly post is regular as clockwork and summarizes not only his own life, but also the events of the past seven days in England. This week he cites an excerpt from the BBC web site of February 3. I can’t figure out the BBC archives, so here is John’s account:

As I so tiresomely remark, although there are great miseries in living in a country in terminal economic and social decline, there are some amusing moments. On today's BBC web site, for example, a Home Office minister has suggested in all seriousness that people should "distract" potential criminals, including terrorists, while waiting for police to arrive by jumping up and down. Have you ever heard anything so funny, encountering a terrorist and then jumping up and down whilst waiting for Mr. Plod to eventually turn up, presumably saying during the gyrations to the evil one: "Turned out nice, hasn't it?" Jump, jump. "Have you come far?" I am convinced the country has gone totally barking mad.
I learned yesterday that the Department of Homeland Security has the lowest morale of all the Government Agencies. Maybe Michael Chertoff should lead them in aerobics every morning.

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