Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Postscript to my Organization Post

When said I was “pretty organized”, I deliberately excluded socks and photos. (There’s “Tupperware” too, but with the exception of the woman called Maud, who glues her cows together and appears to have a cheese fetish, no-one keeps plastic containers organized.)

I can explain the problem with socks. When I go to work on my dresser, I start with the big drawers and by the time I have sorted out underwear and sweaters I am too tired to deal with the little drawers where the socks reside. I keep vowing I will start with them. Maybe next time . . .

As for photographs, I’m working on it. For about the tenth time, I admit. I have to admit that there is one form of photo organization that I just don’t get—and that’s scrap books. The goopy, gimmicky kind where you spend $10 on stickers, paper, punches and embellishments to jazz up one small photo. Having said that, I admit I can see something most attractive in the work of Ali Edwards. Her archives are lovely and her site is also worth a visit for her posts on her autistic son and on her husband who has just been elected to the Oregon State legislature. Even she would admit there is something intriguing about a pursuit which in theory organizes photos, while requiring the perpetrator to buy (and organize) so many supplies with which to organize them.

Just wondering.

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Anonymous said...

The Septuagents have a system - if it is within the four walls and under the roof they know where it is.

I did not say they can find it - but it's there somewhere.

And now, what have you done with my glasses ?