Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hi Cozumel, Hi Whistler

I discovered this little nugget in yesterday's Detroit Free Press :

"Among the latest in travel trends is the “procreation vacation.” Resorts provide couples who are trying to have babies on-site sex doctors, advice and foods and drinks intended to help the process. If it works, this will be the couple’s last romantic vacation in a long time."
I once met a kid called Geneva. Her parents informed that it was because she was conceived in Geneva, regrettably not the pretty town in Switzerland, but the one in upstate New York.

Any elementary school teacher will tell you that there are more than enough Madisons and Savannahs in school. Just imagine what names will turn up as the results of these procreation vacations arrive in kindergarten. My grandchildren will be playing with Cancun and Saugatuck, Mariott, Cordillera and Negril.

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