Saturday, January 09, 2016

Big Day for Danny

Our grandson Daniel was confirmed today. So strange, when I look at this photo I see bits of his two brothers in his face, perhaps even bits of his father. As the youngest of three boys he will not have a brother to pass this navy jacket down to—maybe some of his cousins.

I took this photo in the community room underneath the church where families were lining up to be photographed with the presiding bishop. I tried to squeeze in to the side of the "official" photographer who was capturing the image of Danny with his parents and siblings and his sponsor and his wife. I knew the first photograph I took on my iPhone (note to self: buy a new camera) was lousy so I wanted everyone to stay in place so I could try again. In my best matriarch voice I announced firmly, "Stay where you are."

Sorry, Bishop Byrne. I didn't mean you.

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