Monday, June 17, 2013

Do You Know What This Is?

Out of context, it may be difficult. Here's some background. When I was working, I usually dressed, put on some make-up and then jazzed up even the plainest outfit with a minimum of jewelry, usually a pair of ear-rings. Since I retired, I have given my skin a rest and never worn my ear bobs (don't you love that term? Chiefly Southern, says the dictionary.) Except for special occasions. The problem has been that the wee little holes in my ear-lobe have closed up a little. This has caused a problem when I have tried to wear the only expensive David Yurman ear-rings I have. You should have seen me before Lucy's wedding, poking the little probes through my ear lobes —finally succeeding. So I have practiced this aural acupuncture more frequently and my favorite jewelry tends to be drop ear-rings. I bought a lovely set last week. Here's the back and front. HOWEVER, the little fish hook doo daddies have a tendency to fall out if the ear-ring touches my (or anyone's)
shoulder. Hence the plastic thingamajig. HOWEVER, the manufacturer fails to take into account the inability of elderly fingers, especially ones suffering from the twitches, to line up the hole in the plastic with the probe on the fish hook.

Are my ear bob wearing days over?

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Liza said...

I can relate - my earlobes flip up (we'll call it insouciance, but really, they're just fat). I have many post earrings, but more and more, I buy the ones with leverbacks.

Here's a long, but satisfying explanation from the folks at
Leverback earrings are the answer to the age-old question of how to avoid losing the back to an earring. Many women, juniors and girls have been saddened to realize they will not be able to wear a favorite pair of earrings to an event as planned because they have lost the back to one of them. Due to the unique closed back on this type of earrings, however, this issue can be put in the past.
A woman can find leverback earrings in a variety of different designs and styles. Depending on what type of event she finds herself attending will do much to determine the type of jewelry she can wear. For a day at a professional office, a woman might choose an entirely different pair of earrings than if she were to go out with her friends.
A set of 14kt gold leverback earrings will be a tasteful addition to the work ensemble of any woman. Whether she chooses a pair of drop earrings or those with tiny emblems such as stars, crosses, animals, and the like, gold has the tendency to match with everything. The addition of jewels, such as diamonds, crystals, rubies, and more, allow a woman to match the color of the stone to the color of her outfit.
Jewelry makers such as Eliot Danori and Anne Klein offer a collection of earrings designed with the convenient leverback closure. A woman can enjoy the brilliance of cubic zirconias, crystals, or both when she chooses these earrings. Find them in settings of gold, white gold, sterling sliver and more.
When a woman coordinates her jewelry, the effect can be stunning. Whether she is using all gold jewelry, white gold or sterling silver, having her rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the same coordinating style and design will garner her a great deal of attention.
Look for leverback earrings in all your favorite styles the next time you shop at Macy's.

Hope that keeps the ear bobs bob, bob, bobbing along!