Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Veronica has a Birthday

A year ago we got the news we had been dreading. The birth of a new grandchild should be a cause for rejoicing, but the birth of this baby, our nineteenth grandchild, was a source of apprehension for us all, not least for her parents, our son Andrew and his wife Marcie, because this was April 18th—and her due date was early August. Fortunately Marcie had been in George Washington University Hospital for several days, so the very best of care was on hand for this little 1lb 4oz marvel.

Marcie kept a detailed journal chronicling Veronica’s first year, but it is only as this milestone rolled around that she could describe the trauma of the birth. The link to “Veronica’s Journey” is in the right-hand column of this blog. You can read about Veronica’s 119 days in the NICU and what life was like for Andrew and Marcie and for Veronica’s brothers Theodore, Linus and Sebastian and for her sisters Liesl and Josephine.

In turn, Marcie’s blog links to many other blogs written by parents of micro preemies. What an incredible, loving community it is. They support each other and share experiences. Alas, for some, the outcomes are less favorable.

Please note, Marcie is always on the go, mothering 6 children and holding down a full-time job for Child and Family Services in DC, but she took the time to dress the little cupcake in a cupcake!


Maggie May said...

This little babe has really done well. You must all be very proud of her and relieved that she grew so healthy.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Marcie said...

What a lovely post, Beryl. Thank you. Reading this it struck me that I'm not sure I ever really considered the impact that Veronica's early arrival had on her extended family. I know you all must have worried.

Nice to see you are blogging again!