Monday, April 30, 2012

Eleanor's First Communion

This week it was Eleanor's turn. A large collection of Aments, Bernases, Rummels and more assembled at St. Ambrose Church to celebrate with Eleanor and the day's festivities continued at Kate and Ron's house—delicious food and a chance to renew our acquaintance with Ron's great family. I had to wait until Ron posted this photo on Facebook because Eleanor had been quick to shed this beautiful dress (sweater knitted by Kate, headband created by grandma) in favor of her more typical attire—jeans and a T-shirt.

In his Facebook post Ron mentioned Ellie's other achievement last weekend—scoring three goals at soccer. Doesn't she look like a formidable opponent? Either way she is a delightful eight-year-old, and she can more than hold her own against her three older brothers.

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