Thursday, March 11, 2010

Horticultural Error

It’s THAT time of the year again. This year I want to point out a horticultural error. All winter long I have been able to dig under the snow in the little herb patch outside my back door and find a reasonable amount of sage and thyme. Enough to dress up a pork loin or make a pathetic attempt at what those guys on Top Chef refer to as “presentation.” But what I really want is parsley. Not that curly stuff that people leave on their plates beside a barely nibbled orange slice, but the flat kind that I put into soups and stews and even meat loaf and sprinkle recklessly on just about anything to give a lovely touch of color.

So here’s my complaint. When the big gardener in the sky moved on from fauna to flora, he divided plants into perennials and annuals and that totally incomprehensible variation, biennials. Parsley was a mistake. It should have been a perennial and allowed to flourish all winter, even in cold climates.

I can’t wait to open the back door and snatch up handfuls of parsley (and not have to surreptitiously chew on a leaf in the grocery store to make sure it isn’t cilantro.)

And that is all I have to say about parsley.


Senior Assisted Living said...
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Anonymous said...

Cilantro - shudder!
Parsley used to be king. This facination with cilantro forces me to avoid lovely dishes when we eat out all because of the presence cilantro.

Virginia said...

Just passing through the blogs. I understand about the Parsley! I think this year I will get one of those small aeroponic systems to put in my kitchen :) There is nothing like having your own fresh herbs instead of having to always purchase them at the market.