Monday, December 07, 2009

Three Score Years and Ten

I have spent the past week basking in memories of last weekend, which combined Thanksgiving with a wonderful party on Saturday in honor of my seventieth birthday. All the children and grandchildren assembled on Friday morning for a "photoshoot." Mike, our photographer, did a masterful job with eighteen children under the age of twelve (though some thanks go to Lucy's friend Janie. Her dance routine behind Mike mesmerized the little ones!)

The house is still full of flowers, the refrigerator contains a few interesting left-overs and the hard work of my terrific family warms my heart. Thanks, guys.


Kate said...

No "state of the awning" commentary?

Beryl Ament said...

I fessed up in a couple of letters. Tried to do it on phone, too, but my fessee thought I meant "hose" when I said "hoes." Don't go any further.

Kelly @ Impowerage said...

Happy Belated Birthday.