Friday, November 20, 2009

A Fairy on Stilts?

Soon Thanksgiving will be over and December will be here. You know, that time of year when we re-read Dickens' A Mid-Winter's Carol, send out Holiday cards and grow misty eyed as we hum along to I'm Dreaming of a White ... Come to think of it, that song has not joined the ranks of the politically correct.

Not yet. But Scotland is leading the way. Dundee, to be precise. Clearly the good citizens feel the need to celebrate something and, "instead of the traditional nativity story, the festival will feature a solar-powered disco, a continental market, a circus and a fairy on stilts."

Oy vey.

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Suldog said...

The world, she is going insane.

Why must so many folks become upset over Christmas things? Or Christian things? I can only speak for myself, but I don't blow a gasket or become upset if I see that someone is displaying a Star Of David someplace, or if I find that a favorite restaurant is closed for much of Ramadan.

A fairy on stilts, indeed. The Scots - of which I have ancestral blood - should be ashamed.