Sunday, October 11, 2009

Only in Grosse Pointe

One of the aims of this blog is the celebration of the absurd. Where better to find inspiration for a post than the Crime Watch section of the Grosse Pointe Times. Take, for example, the October 1 edition. I pass over the bunny trapped in the window well, the criminal suspected of “wasting perfectly good butter by putting it on a colleague’s car” and give you—

Bear Complaint made.

Police responded at 4:37 p.m. Sept. 21 to a possible ordinance violation after a neighbor complained about a 10-foot inflatable bear in a University of Michigan shirt on a front lawn.

The city’s ordinance states that lawn ornaments can only be displayed for a reasonable amount of time. Since U-M football games are still going on, police did not feel this was an ordinance violation.
No mention of the neighbor taking this all the way to the Supreme Court.


Kate said...

YEA!!!! You're back!

lucyament said...

"bout time!!!" Let's use some search engine optimization so this pops up first after a search.

Anonymous said...

Spartans, alas, bear the weight of the world. Went to the Michigan/Michigan State game, wore a U of M parka and told my Spartan friend, "you'll be proud to walk out of this stadium with me." An unforgettable look of disgust came over his face. Yes, I am a bad man, and that's why I must remain anonymous.