Monday, February 18, 2008

Three More Birthdays

There were three birthdays in the last four days. First came our daughter-in-law Marcie in Maryland. I am a great admirer of Marcie's organizational skills and she puts them to good use in her life as the mother of four small children and a supervisor in a Social Work agency charged with protecting children in DC.

Next came grandson Charlie, who celebrated his 8th birthday. His siblings and his Detroit cousins and the respective parents came over for brunch on Sunday. There was chocolate cake and ice cream and Charlie was delighted with his gifts. His knowledge of the family tree of all the bionicles is most impressive!

Today Liesl turned 6. She's the proud sister of three younger brothers and can more than hold her own. Unlike the schools her Detroit cousins attend, her school in Rockville has all day kindergarten, so this year she started school in real earnest.

Happy Birthday to all three of them. Just one more to go in February.

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Maggie May said...

What beautiful photos of your family! Hope they all had happy Birthdays!