Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back to the Window

Remember my waiting window? This is the view from it last night as I ... waited. The snow was coming down thick and fast, Ernie (phone message as he left Elizabeth's "I’ll be back in fifty minutes”) had stayed too long across town and the hands of the clock were almost through their second rotation. The view was certainly pretty enough. Maybe you can get an idea, even though I haven’t quite got the hang of the setting on my new camera thoughtfully identified with the icon of a snowman and designated “shoot whitish scene brightly”. An hour and three quarters after his phone call, he pulled into the drive.

And I edited out the wallpaper because I still haven’t replaced it.

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Barbara Fornasiero said...

Beryl - you are like the best of writers. It really doesn't matter what you are writing about. I am just immediately drawn in to your circle.