Friday, June 29, 2007

A Rose by Any Other Name

My newest grandson was two weeks old last Wednesday. Already he has two strikes against him.

First, we took photos of him as he is, not as we thought he should be .

Now, thanks to an feature cited in Arts and Letters Daily, I realize that Marcie and Andrew were pretty cavalier about the choice of his name. They chose it because they liked it. How silly! The article in The Wall Street Journal gives prospective parents hints on how consultants can (for a hefty fee) give advice on an appropriate name for the up-coming child. Does this sound odd? Well, if the parents cited in the article with the last name “Stone” have to pay money to be told that a child with the name Flynn may have problems running for President, maybe it is a good investment. (Cheap hint: Wilma and Barney aren’t a good idea either.)

The article was written by a writer with the name of Alexandra. I already have a grandson called Alexander, but Alexandra would be quite acceptable for a girl.

And is spite of what the article says about “Zoe Rose” . . . well, I’ve no objections.

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