Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Will They Like Me?

I have never tried to join a webring. But not too long ago I came across The Ageless Project, where blogs are listed according to the age of the blogger. I thought there would be lots of old codgers there, but I see that there are only twelve bloggers older than me. Perhaps it is like one of those Internet chain letters, where people drop off the top and you gradually rise through the ranks. Except the only way you could drop off is if you become too gaga . . . or worse.

I may never know, because you have to apply to become part of the webring. Unless it is like joining an insurance company or a hairdressing establishment where you have to bring along a bunch of established clients, I may be OK. Surely they can only check for subversive posts or excessive split infinitives.

And even if I don’t make it, I will have discovered a couple of new blogs worth reading. The oldest blogger in the ring is Donald Crowdis, born in 1913! And I have already become enamored of a retired Anglican Clergyman from Durham .

My application is in. It is like applying to college all over again. I’ll let you know.


Donald Crowdis said...

Hi Beryl,

Thanks for the mention. The Ageless Project certainly is an interesting site.


Septuagent said...

Enamoured ? Gosh ! And you never said ? I'm all over overcome.