Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Which Keith Gets Warmer

You remember Keith. He’s the Marketing executive, aka huckster, who keeps sending me catalogs in the hope I will purchase something. He tried to tempt me with sausage casings, then it was yuppie athletic wear, which, I must be honest, sorta looks like sausage casings on me.

Now, as Christmas approaches, he is trying again. He just sent me the Tiffany catalog. This time, the problem is not the nature of the merchandise, it’s the cost. In fact, I like a lot of the stuff (hope you are reading this, Ernie.) I am, however, not too sure about the dishes for children with the soulful Dalmatian and the fire hydrant (I’m a Peter Rabbit kind of gal.) $125 seems like a lot of money for a couple of plates which any self-respecting toddler is going to throw on the floor when first introduced to pureed squash. I have a new grandchild coming in December, Keith, so I will think about it. I wonder what Holly Golightly would say.

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