Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Welcome, Linus

Marcie and Andrew greeted Linus Albert on October 11th at the George Washington Hospital. Liesl and Theodore and I had been waiting for the phone call, which came about 10:30. After Theodore's nap, we jumped into the car and made the trip into DC so they could meet their new brother. It was fun to watch them with him. Theodore's vocabulary is limited, but "baby' is a word he has mastered. Of course, I took the opportunity to hold Linus as much as I could. A lovely little boy. By chance Lucy had the day off, so she joined us at the hospital and accompanied me back to Rockville, which was helpful since I got lost twice and it was way past dinnertime.

Marcie stayed in the hospital until Friday and I looked after the children while Andrew taught. The staff at his school delighted him by volunteering meals this week. Things stared to fall into a pattern over the weekend and when I left on Sunday, Marcie's mother arrived to lend a hand. It was a great week for me and a chance to get to know Liesl and Theodore just a little better. So, while it was good to get back, I miss my little guys in Maryland. More photos on the Williams/Ament photo page.

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