Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Garden Frou Frou

I enjoy gardening. For me, it is a journey, not a destination. Sure, I am happy when the outcome is attractive in terms of color, texture and variation of height and shape, but what I really love is playing in the dirt. I like to transplant, dig, and work compost into the soil. My gardening outfits tend to be cotton pants or sweat pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts, all of which fit my criteria of comfort and garments easy to throw in the washing machine while I jump in the shower to remove sweat and mud.

It appears that, once again, I have missed the sartorial boat. According to an article from the Cox News Service, I should be clothed in pieces from Garden Frou Frou, the brainchild of Amanda Brown-Olmstead (didn’t a guy called Olmstead design Central Park?) Her garments “are available in suede look-alike and synthetic blends that feel like cashmere...Prices for jackets are $220-$350; jumpers $250;overalls, skirts and knickers, $150-$250.” I point out to any English friends and family reading this that the exchange rate as of today is £1=$1.776, so you can work it out for yourselves. Not that you can buy this stuff in England: you will need to pick it up in Canada, Bermuda or the British Virgin Islands. Remember, too, that “jumpers”, means pinafore dresses, and as for knickers, we’re not going there.

Guess what? These clothes are versatile and can be worn “beyond the flower beds. For a night out, the quilted floral jacket would be the perfect topper for velvet trousers and a silky camisole.” That’s more than I can say for my “Chicks for the Cure” t-shirt.

My only question is, why didn’t Martha Stewart pick up on this earlier?

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