Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two Down, Twenty to Go

The first two grandchildren have graduated: distinguished young men, off to college to be shining examples to the world. How distinguished they look! The gravitas!

Whoops—wrong photo. How about this? Manny with some friends and Patrick with Ron and Kate. The time has gone by so fast and soon there will be more. I can't help wondering how many more graduations I will get to see. I don't think that's melodramatic. Just practical.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Always One Step Behind

Just when I think I have got this Internet thing under control, Marcie comes up with this timehop creation. Now I will spend days trying to figure how to do it for myself.

It does, however give me a cute photo to post on this recognition of Sebastian's ninth birthday. I can't believe you look so old, Sebastian. What a pose. We can't wait to see you in Ohio in August—and if you look like that we will have to keep all the girls at the Lodge away from you! Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Be Prepared

He was born during the great depression: I was born three months into WWII. So we were both familiar with the concept of being ready for a shortage—or hoarding, which ever way you look at it. But flat anchovies! That's what you get when you tidy/organize/clean out your pantry. I have been getting help lately with my grocery shopping, so I will have to mount a major TSAtype screening procedure when we leave the store.

It wasn't me!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

... and now an Anniversary

Today is Andrew and Marcie's anniversary. Such happy memories of our trip to New Jersey, a wonderful wedding and then a few days in New York. While the happy couple were on their way to England, my brother and his wife and son and girlfriend were hurrying back in the same direction to be in Burwell to open the front door for them.

Yes, I have photos of Andrew and Marcie, but I am going to substitute this memorial of what they would say is their best achievement.


I remember being at St. Mary's for a celebration when one of the kids was attending Preschool. A lovely church right by the main road through Rockville, some nice grounds and a peaceful cemetery.

And tucked away in the corner of the cemetery is a grave site with a headstone marking the final resting pace of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Who'd have thought it?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Baby Turns Forty

Lucy was 40 today. Love you, honey and wish so much happiness to you and Peter and Blake and Joe and baby Gladys.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

What Have I Been Doing Since April 30th?

I can't really remember. I know it included some pain, two nights in the hospital, some horrendous (and—I think—unnecessary) drugs which had me drooping all over the floor.

I know I have missed a wedding weekend in Chicago which we were both looking forward to. And then when we realized that if we could not leave Detroit, we could cross town for our Grandson's Confirmation. But we couldn't—sorry Ben. But it was a wise decision and now there are other decisions to make.

Andrew made the long journey from DC, leaving Marcie with a car which broke down and which they have now decided to replace. I have been the recipient of love and kindness and of some delicious meals. I really can't remember what else happened, but it is TMI anyway.

See you soon.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hi, Fef

That's our grandson, Frederick, with his younger brother, Nate. I think I already wrote about Nate and his nightshirts. Anyway, Fef is 12 today and we send him all our love. And, as I have written before, I am determined to ensure that his father gets a decent camera. When Al lived in Africa he took magnificent photos with a magnificent camera. Alas, the urge has passed.

It seems that April is destined to be a month full of special occasions. But May is not far behind. Happy Birthday, Frederick. Love to you all.