Sunday, August 05, 2018

Sorry, Alex.

Yes, of course I knew it was your birthday yesterday. You should have received our card and I know you got my text. You are the first person I have not profiled after I decided I would not let any family member’s birthday go unmentioned. But . . . your dad and two brothers arrived here on Saturday, after spending the night with Aunt Liz in Canton. We miss you and Manny and your Mom so much and wish you were here. So much chaos and confusion: food and swimming and all kinds of things to organize. Your family spent this afternoon with Aunt Lucy—a biohazard and a trip to another park and Nate did a wonderful job playing with the little cousins.

I think you need to talk to your brothers about the impact of words. They were telling friends you are in rehab!

But I think this is what they meant! We are thinking of you and hoping that you are completely recovered before the next soccer season rolls around. Tomorrow we will celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. Wish you could be with us, but we are hoping that pretty soon it will be easier for us to walk out of the front door, jump on a plane and see you all in Virginia.

Happy belated birthday.

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