Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Hole in my Head

I have been home for about eight days after having had the surgery I mentioned in my last post.

The operation for which I  had reluctantly signed up was, as it appears on the discharge papers "Retromastoid crainiectomy microvascular decompression, fifth cranial nerve (trigeminal nerve)", or MVD. I cannot give you the IRL for the YouTubes of medical training videos—nor would I want to. I had thought that the extensive recuperation period would give me leisure to catch up on my posts, and to write to friends. Instead I slept a lot and wobble. I seem unable to type and often to read. I have watched some Wimbledon . . . actually TV isn't too bad.

To make matters worse I have a new iBook and am finding it difficult to use. Certainly confusing, probably something to do with installing Microsoft Word after Apple had transferred documents in Microsoft 2004.

I'll be back on the grid with a working computer, a hole still in my head, but hopefully no trigeminal neuralgia pains.

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Maggie May said...

Oh My Goodness. I'm so sorry....... how did I miss these last two posts?
Hoping you're doing OK and sorry you've had to face such pain. Hoping you will be improving very soon.
Hugs Maggie x