Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Youngest Son Hits 45

I think this is the latest photo I have of Andrew. I think it was taken when he was here last summer. Trouble is, I just downloaded a bunch of photos from my camera, and they all appear to have been taken on May 12, 2007. Now I know that is impossible, so I must bite the bullet and buy a new camera if and when I buy a new laptop. We will see.

We just talked to Andrew. Marcie is cooking a birthday cake, but it is one of those (very frequent) evenings when one or the other of them will be shuttling Theodore and Linus to and from swimming practice. Now Andrew has a a taste of what we faced when he and Al played basketball.

He's happy, and as he remarked when he saw a "5" and a "4" candle—better to be 45 than 54.

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Z said...

My second child just reached 40. It feels more ageing, somehow, than reaching a greater age myself!