Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ooh la la, Brigitte

I wrote at dreary length about my fall on the black ice on our porch. My ankle was not broken and it began slowly to heal. It took forever for the pain to abate, but I am left with a swollen ankle that looks like a hunk of meat. My doctor decided to inflict more pain when he took a chunk of flesh to biopsy (people shouldn't get moles THERE), though I am happy to report I did. But he decided my ankle and my varicose veins  needed some help and gave me an order for elastic stockings.

Where do I start? If it was winter, I would get the black version, but it is summer so I went for ivory. I am not going to sit on a stool and show you how I look.  Mine do not reach as far up my leg as the ones on the package, so skirts, even fairly long ones are a tad iffy. In fact, there is a reason mine do not look like this. This woman is a MODEL. She was chosen for her slim and perfect legs and her pointed feet, not for her varicose veins and chunky ankles. Ah, advertising!

The lace is nice and so far is holding up. But I am pondering the meaning of the icon at the top of the package. It looks a little, well, male, to me.

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