Monday, March 31, 2014


It was time to figure out a dinner menu for last weekend. March Madness had come to the stage where I knew we would be eating while watching—so what's for dinner? If I wanted to avoid being tied down to the kitchen while the combat for the Final Four was underway, it had to be a Crockpot meal, or something that could be made earlier and warmed up/finished off while the battle raged. And that's what we did.

The idea of Sloppy Joes took my fancy, so it was an easy job in the grocery store to pick up the meat, tomato paste etc. that I would need for my gourmet meal. All that remained to be done was to grab a package of hamburger buns. But wait—they did it again. I wanted plain old everyday hamburger buns. But I had to choose between jumbo dark rye, extra large crushed wheat, pretzel, Aunt Millie's Buffalo Buns, sesame, whole wheat, potato, dark whole wheat grain, 8-grain—and so on ad infinitum.

And to think, the grilling season will soon be underway and I will have to make this headache-inducing choice regularly. For the record: I do feel kind of sorry for Aunt Millie.


Jeni said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and reading my "return" post today. I didn't recognize your name or the name of your blog, so I was wondering how on earth you had managed to stumble on my spot in the blogosphere. But regardless of how that happened, I'm glad you did and that you even commented too! Just read a couple of your recent posts and see we share a lot of things in common -probably mostly age! LOL (And memories too of the good old days of Monday wash, Tuesday ironings and knowing what an iron and ironing board are! I'm on a slow move to return to writing blog posts as I'm operating under the constraints of often being totally brain dead -or so it seems anyway at times. So, prod me into action and maybe eventually it will take hold. Hope to read more of your posts! Jeni -aka "The Avonlady" -who really has risen from the ashes as I sold Avon back in the 70s and 80s for about 18-19 years then and just returned to that occupation last July! Economics really do force us into some things, don't they?

Maggie May said...

That was funny! Sometimes we have far too much choice for our owen good!
Hope the meal turned out well.
Maggie x

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